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The World Is Cobalt Blue

From the ink of a pen that writes world-changing stories to the planet earth when seen from space, everything is cobalt blue color. This analogy reflects the spirit of our organization. From micro to macro, we love to share every idea, thought, story, and experience with our community that can help them live a happier and more prosperous life.


Founded by Sundeep Verma & Ruchi Ruuh, the foundation does research into mythology, tell stories that matter and create experiential learning with original and innovative content. Each and every program is originally designed, curated, and performed with passion. Except for our workshops, like, Shiva - the destroyer, none of our programs are ever repeated i.e. if you are experiencing it, it is exclusive and will not be repeated. We have conducted more than 80 original programs for the public and continue to push ourselves to keep coming up with more original and once in a lifetime experiences for our participants.  

The future of technology is blue so are dreams. 

Search us on internet with : #cobalting or #cobaltbluefoundation 

The Journey

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