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World's First Virtual International Mythology & Storytelling Festival I 2020

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We believe that stories can make people travel across time and space. The festival celebrates the spirit of storytelling with a focus on India. Spread across continents, we bring to you mythological stories from all over this ancient country.


Designed for an international audience across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the festival has been curated with timings that suits all time zones. Each event contains EDT, PDT & BST with the date and time to help you choose your comfort zone.  

The festival opens with exclusively curated Virtual Story Walks (VSW): our own term of virtual traveling. Experience the 6 ancient world-famous towns of India with stories behind their origins, the mythological legends, the gods that traveled and banned from these towns, the distinguished architecture, art, food, and famous landmarks.
Check out VSW here: Virtual Story Walks Calendar 

Always wanted to be a world-famous writer like J.R. R. Tolkien or J.K. Rowling? Learn about mythological storytelling and the structures behind world-famous mythological stories and write your own mythological story with us with an intensive workshop.

Check out the masterclass with mythologist Sundeep Verma: Mythological Storytelling Workshop. Join our webinars, free events, meet-ups, and more. Explore the world of ancient India and celebrate Indian Independence Day month with us.
For any query or collaboration, please write to us: or WhatsApp; +918527887336

India Unfolded Festival is curated and organized by Cobalt Blue Foundation. 

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