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शनि, 22 अग॰


Online Workshop

Myth Making - Interactive Workshop

Master how to retell your favorite mythological stories that creatively connect with you or your audience.

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Myth Making - Interactive Workshop
Myth Making - Interactive Workshop

Time & Location

22 अग॰ 2020, 10:30 am – 2:30 pm GMT-4

Online Workshop

About the Event

Master how to retell your favorite mythological stories that creatively connect with you or your audience in this 4 hour long intensive workshop. 

Audience | For those wanting to actively create and consume mythology-inspired or themed stories


Have you ever felt that the myths you have read, heard or watched seem to be very generic or limiting? Perhaps you had a hard time relating the character or didn’t really get the point of the story.

Let’s face it - Trying to reach out to the ancient sources and going through text (original or translated) to find the right story can be...well tedious (and quite boring). And not to mention, even if you manage to do it, something the earlier version can just feel...just strange.

If there is one thing constant about mythological stories is that they have been retold ever since they existed. With duplication comes deviations. Sometimes it’s creative liberties taken by the storytellers, other times it’s the interpretation of the critics but most of the time it's the connection made with the audience that determines if the story is good.

So if historically this has been the norm, then who are we to stop the trend? It’s time to make and model myths we know that are meaningful, mesmerising and mindful of the original intent (or may not). Anupriy Kanti, as your host, will be showing you tips, tricks, and techniques to tell tantalising tales in ways that will captivate your audience while also bringing in deeper appreciation for the craft itself.

Whether you are an experienced storyteller, buddying creator, or just a plain mythology enthusiast who likes to understand and analyze stories, this exclusive online workshop is for you!

By the end of it, you will know:

  1. How to develop inspiring yet relatable characters for the Gods or heroes beyond their primary defining virtues and powers?
  2. How to create empowering secondary characters aside from the protagonists who are more than stereotypes?
  3. How to build up a formidable yet fascinating antagonist that is beyond simplistic negative attributes and challenges the protagonist?
  4. How to layout mythical settings or situations that push the plot and motivates the characters?

Whether you decide to do a retelling of existing myths or create your new ones (I mean, why not?), you will definitely enjoy this 4 hours online session. This will be followed up with an optional meet up at a later time where you can come back with your refined story to discuss and get it peer-reviewed.


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As someone who tends to look for stories in everything, Anupriy Kanti always finds time to indulge his obsession with things too old (Prehistory, Paleontology), things too far (Astronomy, Space Exploration) and things too fantastical (Mythology, Science Fiction).

After having worked as a filmmaker, storyboard artist and graphic designer over a decade while helping businesses with content strategy and creative pitching, he is now masquerading around as Design Lead at Think Design Collaborative, a 14-years old award-winning User Experience Studio with 5 offices across India and US


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