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Virtual Story Walks

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What is a virtual story walk?

Experience the world
from your home.

Virtual Story Walk is a concept that allows people to experience physical places virtually through google maps, pictures, videos in a curated and interactive manner that results in a deeper sensory experience.

This happens over a video meeting, screen sharing, music combined with live narration.


pushkar-India Unfolded Festival-3.jpg


Schedule: On Demand Experience

Experience the city of the lord of creation : Brahma. Our storyteller will narrate the story behind the city and take you through its narrow lanes to make you experience Pushkar like never before.




Schedule: On Demand Experience

Learn about this world-famous pilgrimage of India. Explore its beautiful ghats and ancient streets as our storyteller narrate the stories of Lord Shiva. 


hampi-India Unfolded Festival.jpg


Schedule: On Demand Experience

Hampi is one of the most unique cities in India. Built during the Vijaynagar Empire the city is popular for its unique blend of architecture and style of temples. 


AjantaJataka - India unfolded festival.j

Ajanta Ellora

25th August. 2020. I 2 PM (India) I 9: 30 AM (UK)

Dive into the caves of Ajanta & Ellora and experience the grandeur of India's ancient craftsmen & artists as they leave their footprints in these majestic places. 


elephanta caves - india unfolded festiva

Elephanta Caves

26th August. 2020 I 2 PM (India) I 9: 30 AM (UK)

Witness the majesty of the ancient Indian sculpturists and artists as they carve the giant mountains and create giant gods out of rough stones without a single joint. Let's take you through the fascinating caves of Elephanta Island near Mumbai. 


Khajuraho-temples-india unfolded festiva


27th August. 2020 I 2 PM (India) I 9: 30 AM (UK)

Witness the sensuality of the bodies and various positions of Kamasutra carved on the outer walls of the temples in Khajuraho. It is said, that these carvings were designed to purify the devotee's passions before entering. Get mesmerized with the unique Chandell dynasty aesthetics during this walk. 


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